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Ice Dyeing to Sew

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with dyeing my own fabric for apparel sewing, and it’s really taken my handmade kid’s clothing shop, The Blue Moose, to the next level. Earlier this month I decided to try my hand at ice dyeing. This time I purchased some nice fiber reactive dyes…

Mom Confession

I look forward to having a drink each night after my LO goes to bed. I still breastfeed yet have been having a drink since LO was about 3 months old. Not because LO’s age but because I would have falling asleep halfway through. – Anonymous Mom

Kid’s Accessible Pattern Round-Up

My little one needs a couple surgeries and I’ve been on the hunt for some cute baby patterns and easy hacks for patterns that wont need to be pulled over her head and potentially disturb her surgical sites. Anything to make the process easier! Here’s a round up of some…

Mom Confession

I don’t always feel like I’m able to give my daughter the life she deserves. I want more children and I worry that I’m being selfish because then they’re all not getting what they deserve. – Anonymous Mom