Over Ons

woman with two babies in arms


The story of Handwerk United started many years ago. Before I became a mother. Before I ever ran my own business, even. I will gladly share my journey with you, but that should probably not be in the ‘about’ section…

In short (sort of), I am the main mind behind Handwerk United, and my name is Tirza. I can be seen in the picture on the left, with my (then newborn) twins Sarah and Lucas. I am a very crafty person, I have slightly weird tendencies, which I think are fun, and I am a mother now. Of twins. Eek.

Anyway, I am Dutch, love knitting, crochet, sewing, and reading. I used to run my own webshop, with many handmade things, and now I am finally starting a new dream, for and by women like me.