Policies for blogging

Want to start writing blogs for us, but you don’t really know what is allowed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Read these guidelines to know what we expect from a blog here. Also, we have fantastic editors who will read your post before they are posted, and who will edit it if necessary.


We prefer our blog posts to be at least 250 words long. Longer is definitely allowed, and even super super long (like 2000-ish words) is welcome. If needed, we will split your blog up into parts, but it is definitely okay if there is a very long one once in a while.


We are open to all sorts of blog posts, relating to being a mom, crafting and having to stay at home instead of working. As for wording, we prefer an uplifting tone, because we don’t want to trigger each other into depression.

However, this does not mean that sad stories aren’t allowed! If you have a sad story and aren’t sure if you may share, contact us, and we will work with you. We do believe reading each other’s real life sad stories will help us not feel alone in our own situations. No matter how bad things get, you aren’t alone, and conveying that is also a big part of our goals.

We encourage humoristic posts, including sarchasm, self deprecating humor and irony. However, we urge you to not put yourself down. You are worthy, and while it is ok to laugh at yourself, we don’t believe anyone is worthless, purposeless, or any other kind of negative word.

It is ok to feel this way, and it is ok to share that, but we feel you shouldn’t put yourself down. Let’s try to keep a positive tone wherever possible, without covering up the truth.


Cursing is allowed, up to a certain point. We do NOT allow any religious profanity or using illnesses as curses (very common in Dutch).


Personally, I (Tirza) am a Christian. I believe in a personal relationship with God, helping me get through every single day. I hope to share my faith through my writings, but I don’t want to preach.

However, me being a Christian does mean that I have to draw a line on certain topics. I think posts that briefly mention your faith are ok. Posts that are trying to convert other people to your views are not.

I will also not allow any posts on witchcraft, wicca, paganism or the occult. It is just a personal thing, where I don’t feel comfortable with these things.


Talking about politics is allowed, but please take care to keep each other’s worth in mind. You may post your ideas from your point of view, but we will not allow you to try to rally people to your ideas, diss others, or put down your peers in any way, shape or form. We want to try to keep polarizing posts to a minimum, as our goal is to unify our readers.

Taboo Topics

We encourage talking about taboo topics, like mental illness, trauma, things that may possibly make us bad mothers, etc. However, keep things respectful, don’t put each other down, and keep an overall positive tone.

Bullying Policy

We will have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, hurting each other and being disrespectful. We believe every single one of you is worthy, and that means to not put each other down. Ever. If you disagree with someone, that is ok, but please remain respectful. If we, the team of mods and editors, feel like someone is bullying or being disrespectful, we will ban your IP-address for life. Immediately, and without notice. There is no arguing this.


We hope you will enjoy going through this journey with us. We hope we will be able to encourage and inspire one another. We want to thank each and every person who contributes something to this website! Together, we make Handwerk United possible.

Don’t hesitate reaching out if you have any questions or feedback for us.