Why Handwerk United?

unfinished granny square with stork scissors

Waarom Handwerk United? The story of Handwerk United starts with a very difficult time. Or rather, multiple hard times. It started when I, Tirza, was a student in college. I got my first burn-out, plus ADHD diagnosis. I dropped out, healed, and tried again. This time I got the diagnosis ASS, got married in the meantime, and dropped out again.

The third and final time I had a burn-out, I was yet again trying to complete a college degree, and yet again I could not. No new diagnosis this time, thank goodness. However, I did get stuck at home, without a sense of purpose. Due to my burn-outs and depressions I couldn’t work a normal job. It was simply too much, as some days even doing a load of laundry would be too much.

And so I started making podcasts about knitting and crochet, and I started to make project bags, under the name The Purple Lady. I did this for a few years with great joy, but everlasting unease. I wanted more. I wasn’t earning much, and I was finally starting to get recognized as a podcaster, but it wasn’t exactly the big dreams I always wanted. Plus, I felt so alone…

I was surrounded with loving customers and friends, all online, but I still felt lonely. I wanted to do things with others, collaborate, interchange ideas, tips, dreams. Most of all I wanted to give other women in my situation a sense of purpose too. Sitting at home, feeling like you don’t matter? Feeling like you could never really DO something? Yeah, you aren’t alone.

I, however, know that every single person has their own talents, and I want to create a place where those talents come together. Simply using however much time and energy there is available. Whether that be 5 minutes every week or 4 hours, it doesn’t matter. We want there to be a place for you. For us.

So, may we welcome you to the club?

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