Me, Myself, and I.

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When is the last time you had a few minutes where your mind was completely blank?

Are you laughing right now because between either your job, your children, your marriage and just all the responsibilities in your life there isn’t a moment of silence? Do you ever take the time for just yourself?
It is completely essential for anyone, let alone a parent, to have a few moments to themselves.

What types of self care are there?

While pouring yourself a glass of wine or whiskey after work or after the kids go to bed and watching Netflix is a form of self care, ask yourself what have you done to better yourself. What have you done to make YOU happy? Have you gotten your nails done? Have you gone to the gym recently? Even a brisk walk and completely emptying your mind while you take in your environment can do a world of improvement. Yes, I am here to say that you should, no— that you need to learn self care. In a world full of negativity, focus on the positive for a few moments.

While self care could be a number of purchasable things like a manicure and a shopping spree, it could also mean just letting your mind wander into silence. The power of that is absolutely breathtaking, especially when you apply this skill in a high stress time in your life. Many enjoy yoga for this purpose, to focus on breathing and body placement, so that nothing else enters the mind as you practice that moment of meditation. You could set yourself in your favorite room of your house, breathe in, and let yourself find the quietness in that moment. Being mindful of your feelings and your environment is a form of self awareness, and thus being kind to yourself. You are important, too.

Self care could be talking out your problems with a friend or therapist, staying home, or going outside. You could take a bath, read a book, let yourself sleep in for an extra few minutes. Take the time to be creative, draw, craft or write. Put yourself first for awhile, set some boundaries and maybe spend some time alone.

It is easier said than done, I know.

Give yourself a self care goal.

How many minutes a day do you worry about your children, your partner, your job, your financials, your family, your in-laws, your future, or even your past? Do you give yourself that same consideration as the rest of your struggles? Don’t let yourself fall between the cracks of your own demise. Give yourself the time you need. You can only work at your full potential when you’re at your very best and you’re well rested. By giving yourself the time of day, you are capable of so much more. Please remember, reader, that you are here, significant, and needed. Take the time for yourself, and give yourself a goal. Every week, every day, make sure you are taken care of.

So do it, give yourself that break.

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