Getting through this chaos as a parent

Madison Mossell/ april 3, 2020

If you told me six months ago that I’d live through a time where I’d have to be quarantined with my husband and two small children for over two weeks, I would have called you crazy. Yet, here we are, all of us going a little mad over these next few weeks. However, we can make this a little more

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Me, Myself, and I.

Madison Mossell/ september 26, 2019

When is the last time you had a few minutes where your mind was completely blank? Are you laughing right now because between either your job, your children, your marriage and just all the responsibilities in your life there isn’t a moment of silence? Do you ever take the time for just yourself?It is completely essential for anyone, let alone

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A Parent’s Workout Routine:

Madison Mossell/ september 2, 2019

Here’s our fitness program for parents: Wake up. This is pretty essential, and definitely the hardest part of the routine. Stretch over and grab the blanket your husband/wife hogged most of the night and pull hard so you can roll yourself into a burrito for the last two minutes of your quiet morning. This is what we call our warm

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We see you.

Madison Mossell/ augustus 20, 2019

This is a tremendous cheer to the new parent, we definitely see how cute your baby is, we see how scared yet so brave you may be, we see the absolute love and excitement you already have for your child. This is a shout out the single mother, we see how hard you work day in and day out, we

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The Feeling of Failure

Madison Mossell/ augustus 14, 2019

I feel as if every mom could relate to this feeling. Imagine this: your kids are finally in bed, a little bit after their actual bedtime, but none the less they’re asleep. You start to lay down and all your mind does is race. Did you leave the laundry unfolded? Is your husband’s uniform washed? Did I buy cat food?

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