Tie Dyeing Fabric by the Yard

Jes Weber/ september 27, 2019

I’ve been meaning to experiment with dying for awhile, and the weather’s finally warmed enough to do it, so last week I dived in full force! My initial intention was to make some textured solids and two or 3 color tie dye yards that would then be cut and sewn into toddler clothing for my small shop, The Blue Moose.

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Ice Dyeing to Sew

Jes Weber/ september 20, 2019

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with dyeing my own fabric for apparel sewing, and it’s really taken my handmade kid’s clothing shop, The Blue Moose, to the next level. Earlier this month I decided to try my hand at ice dyeing. This time I purchased some nice fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Co, as well as some soda ash,

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Kid’s Accessible Pattern Round-Up

Jes Weber/ september 13, 2019

My little one needs a couple surgeries and I’ve been on the hunt for some cute baby patterns and easy hacks for patterns that wont need to be pulled over her head and potentially disturb her surgical sites. Anything to make the process easier! Here’s a round up of some great accessible options I’ve found. I’ll update with my sews

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DIY Baby Name Swaddle

Jes Weber/ september 6, 2019

Baby name swaddles are all over my birth groups and instagram, and my life motto is basically this meme: So I set out to design and make one! For my images, I purchased stock photography from stock.adobe.com and edited them to add my baby’s name, change colors, and create a repeating design in photoshop, so I could then print through

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Dip Dyeing Double Brushed Poly

Jes Weber/ augustus 16, 2019

I’ve been told that polyester is super hard to dye, but I’m stubborn and have a bunch of white double brushed poly, so I decided to try anyway. Unlike my other dyes which have been done by the yard, dyeing before I cut my pieces to sew, I decided to sew these pieces first so I could attempt an ombre

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