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Welkom bij ons Creatieve en Collectieve Blog. Ons doel is om dit een plaats te maken waar wij vrouwen samen kunnen komen en een doel kunnen vinden. Of dit nou vriendschappen te vormen, iets leuks te doen te hebben of om inspiratie te vinden; we hopen dat je je welkom zal voelen.

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Dip Dyeing Double Brushed Poly

I’ve been told that polyester is super hard to dye, but I’m stubborn and have a bunch of white double brushed poly, so I decided to try anyway. Unlike my other dyes which have been done by the yard, dyeing before I cut my pieces to sew, I decided to…
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[Download] Free fill in sheet for babysitting

Download page for free fillable sheet, used for when you leave your kids with other carers. Add all the information of your baby’s needs.
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The Feeling of Failure

I feel as if every mom could relate to this feeling. Imagine this: your kids are finally in bed, a little bit after their actual bedtime, but none the less they’re asleep. You start to lay down and all your mind does is race. Did you leave the laundry unfolded?…
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